Monday, September 13, 2010

Web Haiku

The assignment was to pick one of the Haikus and use HTML coding to express it.
The poem being a Haiku, I first of all imagined a Japanese scenery, of a cherry tree represented by the green and pink with its blossoms falling over a pond represented in green, as in a still pond in a Japanese garden with algae.

Unfortunately, you can't see the animation on this mugshot, but the petals are actually scrolling down the screen via an HTML marquee tag as in here: <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="down">

CLick on the picture above or here to connect to my webpage to see it in action. So, what you think, peeps?


  1. good job on experimenting with different things on your haiku! how did you get your green box in there?

  2. great job! Can't wait to see your color website

  3. nice treatment with the type, and as cinthia says with experimenting :) where is the type and image site? wanna check it out!