Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is a really interesting topic!


1. Top pick of the day Google!

What can I say? I just love Google. The ease of searching on this engine is superb! Simple yet elegant, it has all the utilitarian beauty of the ultimate search engine not bombarded by news ads or side gadgets like Yahoo! or MSN. Search results are on the mark! The day I discovered Google, I throw Yahoo! out the rear window of my Spitfire and never returned.

2. My second pick is the HomeDepot store!

For the amount of stuff they carry - from the front door of your house to the little nut or glue you'd need to put your mate's brain together after the shopping spree, you can find here the ultimate key to everything home-related with a stroke of a little mouse! (They sell mousetraps too, if you get sick of your mouse, BTW)
Good pick by the teacher. This is a link to nike website


Boo-hoo~! What is this?? If he's trying to get people's attention, he's definitely got it, but totally the wrong kind! What are all those hi-lighted texts for? Neon yellow fonts on black hi-light box?? Black letters on neon yellow? Red & Blue & Green, Oh My! The page screams with all caps, bold, and even several colors used in the same sentence together with different colored hi-lights thrown in between. The page scrolls all the way down for more of the same.
This is a site for a Republican Conservative??? Well, his site is definitely NOT conservative, alright. Pictures are hap-hazardly thrown together in this pictorial circus. Is he really running for Congress? Or is this an ad campaign by a new start-up circus featuring the Republican Elephant? It's so interesting to see he's got almost 1.5 million visitors to his site, although the reason for their visit may be in question....

This style of page is commonly seen for sites dealing with this sort of subject matter, I think. Quasi-scientific and sci-fi-ish, they seem to like using dark/black background and lighter color text fonts for contrast, for too much contrast, in fact. After a while, your eyes start hurting to the point that you will be actually mesmerized into believing their message, LOL!
The neon blue and stark yellow on black so hurt my poor eyes that after 5 minutes of critiquing this site, I am getting a serious headache, I guess I'll have legitimate excuse for missing class due to sudden illness! Just for added bonus, what is that spinning eclipse inside the pyramid and the spinning arrow for except to hypnotize you into joining their cult? All in all, does this mean their site is actually effective?


home page

This one for the Extra :D
For added bonus, I wanted to present Haiti News Network, which was chosen the Ugliest/Worst over the top web sites of 2009! This is a true gem. Have a nice day :)

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